guia completo de: Destrancar portas (até de carros), explosivos (incendiários, correios, granadas, ácido), trapacear os sistemas telefonicos, hacking, conseguir uma nova identidade, etc.. pt3

Solidox Bombs
Most people are not aware that a volatile, extremely explosive 
chemical can be bought over the counter:  Solidox.

Solidox comes in an aluminum can containing 6 grey sticks, and can 
be bought at Kmart, and various hardware supply shops for around 
$7.00.  Solidox is used in welding applications as an oxidizing 
agent for the hot flame needed to melt metal.  The most active 
ingredient in Solidox is potassium chlorate, a filler used in many 
military applications in the WWII era.

Since Solidox is literally what the name says:  SOLID OXygen, you 
must have an energy source for an explosion.  The most common and 
readily available energy source is common household sugar, or 
sucrose.  In theory, glucose would be the purest energy source, 
but it is hard to find a solid supply of glucose.

Making the mixture:

[1]  Open the can of Solidox, and remove all 6 sticks.  One by 
     one, grind up each of the sticks (preferably with a mortar 
     and pestle) into the finest powder possible.
[2]  The ratio for mixing the sugar with the Solidox is 1:1, so 
     weigh the Solidox powder, and grind up the equivalent amount 
     of sugar.
[3]  Mix equivalent amounts of Solidox powder, and sugar in a 1:1 

It is just that simple!  You now have an extremely powerful 
substance that can be used in a variety of applications.  A word 
of caution:  be EXTREMELY careful in the entire process.  Avoid 
friction, heat, and flame.  A few years back, a teenager I knew 
blew 4 fingers off while trying to make a pipe bomb with Solidox.  
You have been warned!

CO2 Bomb
You will have to use up the cartridge first by either shooting it 
or whatever. With a nail, force a hole bigger so as to allow the 
powder and wick to fit in easily. Fill the cartridge with black 
powder and pack it in there real good by tapping the bottom of the 
cartridge on a hard surface (I said TAP not SLAM!). Insert a fuse. 
I recommend a good water-proof cannon fuse, or an m-80 type fuse, 
but firecracker fuses work, if you can run like a black man runs 
from the cops after raping a white girl.) Now, light it and run 
like hell! It does wonders for a row of mailboxes (like the ones 
in apartment complexes), a car (place under the gas tank), a 
picture window (place on window sill), a phone booth (place right 
under the phone), or any other devious place. This thing throws 
shrapnel, and can make quit a mess!! 

Thermite is nasty shit. Here is a good and easy way to make it. 
The first step is to get some iron-oxide (which is RUST!). Here is 
a good way to make large quantities in a short time:

- Get a DC convertor like the one used on a train set. Cut the 
connector off, seperate the wires, and strip them both.

- Now you need a jar of water with a tablespoon or so of sodium 
chloride (which is SALT!) added to it. This makes the water 

- Now insert both wires into the mixture (I am assuming you 
plugged the convertor in...) and let them sit for five minutes. 
One of them will start bubbling more than the other. This is the 
POSITIVE(+) wire. If you do not do this test right, the final 
product will be the opposite (chemically) of rust, which is RUST 
ACID. You have no use for this here (although it IS useful!).

- Anyway, put the nail tied to the positive wire into the jar. Now 
put the negative wire in the other end. Now let it sit overnight 
and in the morning scrape the rust off of the nail & repeat until 
you got a bunch of rust on the bottom of the glass. Be generous 
with your rust collection. If you are going through the trouble of 
making thermite, you might as well make a lot, right?

- Now remove the excess water and pour the crusty solution onto a 
cookie sheet. Dry it in the sun for a few hours, or inside 
overnight. It should be an orange-brown color (although I have 
seen it in many different colors! Sometimes the color gets fucked 
up, what can I say... but it is still iron oxide!)

- Crush the rust into a fine powder and heat it in a cast-iron pot 
until it is red. Now mix the pure iron oxide with pure alluminum 
filinos which can be bought or filed down by hand from an aluminum 
tube or bar. The ratio or iron oxide to aluminum is 8 grams to 3 

- Congrats! You have just made THERMITE! Now, to light it...

- Thermite requires a LOT of heat (more than a blow torch!) to 
ignite. However, a magnesium ribbon (which is sorta hard to find.. 
call around) will do the trick.  It takes the heat from the 
burning magnesium to light the thermite.

- Now when you see your victim's car, pour a fifty-cent sized pile 
onto his hood, stick the ribbon in it, and light the ribbon with 
the blow torch. Now chuckle as you watch it burn through the hood, 
the block, the axle, and the pavement. BE CAREFUL! The ideal 
mixtures can vaporize CARBON STEEL! Another idea is to use 
thermite to get into pay phone cash boxes. HAVE FUN!!

Touch Explosive
This is sort of a mild explosive, but it can be quite dangerous in 
large quantities. To make touch explosive (such as that found in a 
snap-n-pop, but more powerful), use this recipe:

- Mix iodine crystals into ammonia until the iodine crystals will 
not dissolve into the ammonia anymore. Pour off the excess ammonia 
and dry out the crystals on a baking sheet the same way as you 
dried the thermite (in other words, just let it sit overnight!).

- Be careful now because these crystals are now your touch 
explosive. Carefully wrap a bunch in paper (I mean carefully! 
Friction sets 'em off!) and throw them around.. pretty loud, huh?
They are fun to put on someone's chair. Add a small fish sinker to 
them and they can be thrown a long distance (good for crowds, 
football games, concerts, etc.) Have fun!

Letter Bombs

- You will first have to make a mild version of thermite. Use my 
recipe, but substitute iron fillings for rust. 

- Mix the iron with aluminum fillings in a ratio of 75% aluminum 
to 25% iron. This mixture will burn violently in a closed space 
(such as an envelope). This bring us to our next ingredient...

- Go to the post office and buy an insulated (padded) envelope. 
You know, the type that is double layered... Seperate the layers 
and place the mild thermite in the main section, where the letter 
would go. Then place magnesium powder in the outer layer. There is 
your bomb!!

- Now to light it... this is the tricky part and hard to explain. 
Just keep experimenting until you get something that works. The 
fuse is just that touch explosive I have told you about in another 
one of my anarchy files. You might want to wrap it like a long 
cigarette and then place it at the top of the envelope in the 
outer layer (on top of the powdered magnesium). When the touch 
explosive is torn or even squeezed hard it will ignite the 
powdered magnesium (sort of a flash light) and then it will burn 
the mild thermite. If the thermite didn't blow up, it would at 
least burn the fuck out of your enemy (it does wonders on human 

NOW that is REVENGE!

Paint Bombs
To make a pain bomb you simply need a metal pain can with a 
refastenable lid, a nice bright color paint (green, pink, purple, 
or some gross color is perfect!), and a quantity of dry ice. Place 
the paint in the can and then drop the dry ice in. Quicky place 
the top on and then run like hell! With some testing you can time 
this to a science. It depends on the ratio of dry ice to paint to 
the size of the can to how full it is. If you are really pissed 
off at someone, you could place it on their doorstep, knock on the 
door, and then run!! Paint will fly all over the place HAHAHA

Smoke Bombs

Here is the recipe for one helluva smoke bomb!

4 parts sugar
6 parts potassium nitrate (Salt Peter)

Heat this mixture over a LOW flame until it melts, stirring well. 
Pour it into a future container and, before it solidifies, imbed a 
few matches into the mixture to use as fuses. One pound of this 
stuff will fill up a whole block with thick, white smoke!

Mailbox Bombs

(1) Two litre bottle of chlorine (must contain sodium hypochlorate)

    Small amount of sugar

    Small amount of water

Mix all three of these in equal amounts to fill about 1/10 of the 
bottle. Screw on the lid and place in a mailbox. It's hard to 
believe that such a small explosion will literally rip the mailbox 
in half and send it 20 feet into the air! Be careful doing this, 
though, because if you are caught, it is not up to the person 
whose mailbox you blew up to press charges. It is up to the city.

Making Napalm

- Pour some gas into an old bowl, or some kind of container.

- Get some styrofoam and put it in the gas, until the gas won't 
eat anymore. You should have a sticky syrup.

- Put it on the end of something (don't touch it!!). The unused 
stuff lasts a long time!

Fertilizer Bomb

- Newspaper
- Fertilizer (the chemical kind, GREEN THUMB or ORCHO)
- Cotton
- Diesel fuel

Make a pouch out of the newspaper and put some fertilizer in it. 
Then put cotton on top. Soak the cotton with fuel. Then light and 
run like you have never ran before! This blows up 500 square feet 
so don't do it in an alley!!

Tennis Ball Bombs

- Strike anywhere matches
- A tennis ball
- A nice sharp knife
- Duct tape

Break a ton of matchheads off. Then cut a SMALL hole in the tennis 
ball. Stuff all of the matchheads into the ball, until you can't 
fit any more in. Then tape over it with duct tape. Make sure it is 
real nice and tight! Then, when you see a geek walking down the 
street, give it a good throw. He will have a blast!!

Diskette Bombs 
You need:

 - A disk
 - Scissors
 - White or blue kitchen matches (they MUST be these colors!)
 - Clear nail polish

- Carefully open up the diskette (3.5" disks are best for this!)

- Remove the cotton covering from the inside.

- Scrape a lot of match powder into a bowl (use a wooden scraper, 
metal might spark the matchpowder!)

- After you have a lot, spread it evenly on the disk.

- Using the nail polish, spread it over the match mixture

- Let it dry

- Carefully put the diskette back together and use the nail polish 
to seal it shut on the inside (where it came apart).

- When that disk is in a drive, the drive head attempts to read 
the disk, which causes a small fire (ENOUGH HEAT TO MELT THE DISK 
DRIVE AND FUCK THE HEAD UP!!). ahahahahaha! Let the fuckhead try 
and fix THAT!!! 

You would be surprised how many files are out there that use what 
falls under the category of a "fuse." They assume that you just 
have a few lying around, or know where to get them. Well, in some 
parts of the country, fuses are extremely hard to come by... so 
this file tells you how to make your own. Both fuses presented 
here are fairly simple to make, and are fairly reliable.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (approx. 2 inches per minute)

Materials needed:

 - Cotton string or 3 shoelaces
 - Potassium Nitrate or Potassium Chlorate
 - Granulated sugar


 - Wash the cotton string or showlaces in HOT soapy water, then 
rinse with fresh water

 - Mix the following together in a glass bowl:
   1 part potassium nitrate or potassium chlorate
   1 part granulated sugar
   2 parts hot water

 - Soak strings or shoelaces in this solution

 - Twist/braid 3 strands together and allow them to dry
 - Check the burn rate to see how long it actually takes!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (40 inches per minute)

Materials needed:

 -Soft cotton string
 -fine black powder (empty a few shotgun shells!)
 -shallow dish or pan


 - moisten powder to form a paste

 - twist/braid 3 strands of cotton together

 - rub paste into string and allow to dry

 - Check the burn rate!!!

Potassium Nitrate

Potassium Nitrate is an ingredient in making fuses, among other 
things. Here is how you make it:

Materials needed:

 -3.5 gallons of nitrate bearing earth or other material
 -1/2 cup of wood ashes
 -Bucket or other similar container about 4-5 gallons in volume
 -2 pieces of finely woven cloth, each a bit bigger than the 
  bottom of the bucket
 -Shallow dish or pan at least as large in diameter as the bucket
 -Shallow, heat resistant container
 -2 gallons of water
 -Something to punch holes in the bottom of the bucket
 -1 gallon of any type of alcohol
 -A heat source
 -Paper & tape


 - Punch holes on the inside bottom of the bucket, so that the 
metal is"puckered" outward from the bottom

 - Spread cloth over the holes from the bottom

 - Place wood ashes on the cloth. Spread it out so that it covers 
the entire cloth and has about the same thickness.

 - Place 2nd cloth on top of the wood ashes

 - Place the dirt or other material in the bucket

 - Place the bucket over the shallow container. NOTE: It may need 
support on the bottom so that the holes on the bottom are not 

 - Boil water and pour it over the earth very slowly. Do NOT pour 
it all at once, as this will clog the filter on the bottom.

 - Allow water to run through holes into the shallow dish on the 

 - Be sure that the water goes through ALL of the earth!

 - Allow water in dish to cool for an hour or so

 - Carefully drain the liquid in the dish away, and discard the 
sludge in the bottom

 - Boil this liquid over a fire for at least two hours. Small 
grains of salt will form - scoop these out with the paper as they 

 - When the liquid has boiled down to 1/2 its original volume let 
it sit

 - After 1/2 hour, add equal volume of the alcohol; when this 
mixture is poured through paper, small white crystals appear. This 
is the posassium nitrate.

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